"Lo que de verdad me caracteriza es la pasión que llego a poner en todo lo que creo. Si no sientes pasión por nada, búscala y entonces encontrarás el éxito!" Alexandra Amorós, cofundadora de Ki Yoga Fuerteventura

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I’m one of those teachers who begs people everyone to incorporate Yin into their lives at some point. It’s a slow-paced, deep-stretching style of yoga that is incredibly restorative and relaxing. Instead of focusing on cardio or fluid movement, Yin is all about getting into the deep connective tissues of your body and allowing your breath to permeate into the tight areas.

A lot of the practice is spent on the floor, using blankets, straps, and blocks as much as you want. The postures are held for a little longer than you might be used to, encouraging you to meditate and sit with the physical and/or emotional discomfort that may arise. Trust me, it’s a lot harder than you might think.

How You Know It’s For You: Maybe you’ve got a lot of stress that needs a solid outlet. Or you’re an athlete who could use a way to unwind those overworked muscles you train every day. Perhaps you’ve got chronic pain that needs relief. These are just a few of millions of reasons to give Yin a shot. I’m a firm believer that it’s for everyone.

How You Know It’s Not For You: You want a yoga that focuses a bit more on strength training and developing lean muscles. That’s OK; however, I still highly recommend doing Yin every now and then to counteract the hard work your body does for you.

In our Ki Yoga Fuerteventura retreats, Yin Yoga is one of the common practiced styles.


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