"Lo que de verdad me caracteriza es la pasión que llego a poner en todo lo que creo. Si no sientes pasión por nada, búscala y entonces encontrarás el éxito!" Alexandra Amorós, cofundadora de Ki Yoga Fuerteventura

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Probably the most widely practiced yoga out there today, Vinyasa Flow incorporates a wide range of physical asanas that keep you moving continuously and smoothly. Translated directly from Sanskrit, vinyasa means “connection” and you’ll see within a few minutes of your first class just how important it is to link your breath to every movement.

You’ll see a lot of sun salutations in Vinyasa classes, and they can be modified to fit your fitness level, no matter what it is. Teachers come up with their own unique sequences, so no two classes will be exactly the same. You’ll have the chance to play around with balance postures, inversions, and arm balances, depending on the level of the class — and everything is suitable for all body types.

How You Know It’s For You: You’re looking for a consistent, well-rounded practice that will keep you fit but also loose and bendy. There is often a lot of variety in this type of yoga, so if you’re one to get bored, Vinyasa is your jam. Because there is so much room for visible growth — think of those scary-looking arm balances you see on Instagram — this practice is also good for those are looking to improve their fitness level.

How You Know It’s Not For You: If you’re someone who’s got injuries and is looking for something more restorative, take a different route. Sure, you can do Vinyasa every now and then, especially if you want a little burst of low-impact cardio, but it won’t be a major source of rehabilitation. Also, if you’re searching for a contemplative practice that will sharpen your meditative mind, this might not be your top choice.

This yoga style is one of the most practiced in Ki Yoga Fuerteventura.


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