"Lo que de verdad me caracteriza es la pasión que llego a poner en todo lo que creo. Si no sientes pasión por nada, búscala y entonces encontrarás el éxito!" Alexandra Amorós, cofundadora de Ki Yoga Fuerteventura

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Whether you’re a stiff semi-athlete, a flexible cardio-shopper, or a complete newbie to the practice, there is a yoga style out there that you can benefit from. The problem is finding which one it is. While the yoga rage is wonderful in so many ways — more people being exposed to healthy lifestyle choices, a never-ending stream of comfy spandex pants — it can get complicated.

There are new studios popping up on every corner. There are experimental fusion styles being released left and right (um, chocolate yoga?). That leaves you with countless different options to choose from. In the midst of all the exciting growth, I’ve witnessed many teachers and studio owners forget the fact that there is no one yoga that suits everyone. So they sometimes fail to explain what the differences between different yoga styles are, leaving students confused in a room full of wildly bendy people who have been yoga-ing for years.

Well, no more. Here are the basics of the most sought-after styles out there today, and how to know which one works for you. Of course, there are many varieties within each of these practices, but those will fluctuate from one studio to the next. Initiate conversation with your teachers in order to gain as much information as you can. You can never ask too many questions. It’s your body  — take care of it!

In the next posts, you will find everything you need to know about choosing a yoga style that best suits your needs.


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