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It gets a bit tricky here, because Hatha is actually the only one of the eight branches of Yoga that refers to all physical asanas. So technically, all forms of yoga as you know today come from Hatha. However, because none of us are stickler gurus, for the sake of your sanity (and mine, for that matter), let’s talk about the Hatha classes that are available to you at everyday studios.

Generally, Hatha Yoga is more about getting into postures with correct alignment and holding them for a certain amount of time than it is about fluid Vinyasa movement. While you might see overlap of some postures, the style is inherently different. You may hear the word “Hatha” used interchangeable with Iyengar Yoga, which uses classical asanas to restore balance and flexibility to the body while utilizing a variety of props. Sometimes there are even short Savasanas (time of rest) between each pose to ensure you reap the full benefits.

How You Know It’s For You: You want something tried and true, a practice that is traditional and no-nonsense. If you’re also on the hunt for different kinds of breathing techniques, ones that you can put into use when you’re particularly stressed, get your butt to a Hatha class.

How You Know It’s Not For You: I’ve known many people who can’t seem to get in the groove of Hatha because it lacks the dance-like, free-flowing qualities that other kinds of yoga possess. If you’ve got enough structure in your life as it is, go with something that nurtures your imagination a bit more.

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